Phil Heaton



Phil is an urban designer and town planner with 25 years’ experience of delivering development for multi-national consultants ranging from engineers URS-ScottWilson to architects Broadway Malyan.  He is well versed in taking designs from concept to construction on site.  He has been a Built Environment Expert for the Design Council/CABE since 2003.  Recently Phil has been helping The London Borough of Enfield with the place-making aspects of delivering a 10,000 home development in the Lea Valley called Meridian Water. 

Phil’s background in both local government and the private sector is well balanced - he has sat on each side of the table, representing developers at public inquiries to secure permissions for  new developments, or representing the local authority regulating such developments.


Phil now enjoys delivering projects for investors directly, applying his background as a consultant. Since reaching financial freedom and leaving the rat race in 2013, he has been a mentor to a select few who need help on their property journey. 




Jo is a successful architect who cut her teeth designing high end riverside apartments in London for the likes of Berkeley Homes, one of Britain’s most successful house-builders.  Jo has 20 years’ experience, 6 of which were spent wearing a hard hat, overseeing the quality of construction of 1000 homes at Battersea Reach – the quality of homes is so high that a one-bed apartment sells today for £750k.  

Prior to starting the company with her partner Phil, Jo worked for two of London’s most successful architecture firms, Sheppard Robson and Broadway Malyan.  Today she gets her kicks from delivering small, sustainable schemes for happy clients who love her sophisticated and economical designs.