Kevin McCloud and the Big Town Plan

This extract from the Channel 4 series 'Kevin McCloud and the Big Town Plan' features Phil Heaton's firm, Parklife, and its role in the regeneration of former mining town Castleford in Yorkshire, filmed for a 4-part TV series screened in 2008.

The footage is from 2003 when Phil (looking a lot younger!) worked on the project and 2005 when Channel 4 returned to gauge its success.  The extract contrasts two local parks being rejuvenated by Parklife and Martha Schwartz (considered the top landscape designer in the USA), and their contrasting approaches to the task.

The project involved the re-design of several key spaces in the town to attract investment.  Several top UK architects were involved. From a total of £400k seed money from the Council, the project attracted £300m of private sector investment to Castleford.